I live in Queenstown, New Zealand and love writing and reading books. My writing career started off in a weird and wonderful way. We were thrilled when our child was born. In order to give my wife an opportunity to get some well-deserved rest when I got home, I took the late shift as I was working nights at the time.


I had this technique where I would bottle feed our little girl and play on Play Station at the same time. Yes, guys can multi task !


Then, disaster struck! Our Play Station bombed out! What was I to do during and between feeds? We had an old computer so I started writing.


Looking back, I thought I had written a best seller. Since learning so much over the years I unpublished it as it was not up to standard. Everyday I learn more and continue to do so.


Yes, I will make mistakes either with grammar or the occasional spelling mistake. 


My latest novel touches on the reluctance of the Catholic Church to bring abusive priests to justice. We need to turn our attention toward children, innocent kids either being abused or at risk of it happening to prevent further misery.


Sitting at my lap-top until all hours of the morning, I have one wish. That you enjoy the books and the worlds I have crafted.


Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Best wishes.





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