Sacred Retribution

Set in Queenstown, New Zealand. When War Correspondent Kheelan Sledge follows up on an anonymous lead Sledge finds himself drawn into a deadly game of cat and mouse. A priest is murdered in a ritualistic and very gruesome manner. Sledge finds himself as the number one suspect in the horrific murder.


Cryptic messages appear in the newspaper a day before the murders are committed by a masked cult leader going by the name of Orcus. A Cardinal is abducted and forced to endure the Stations of the Cross streamed live on the internet. Orcus and his followers hunt down and execute Catholic priests who are known child abusers.


Sledge is drawn into the world of M.K Ultra brainwashing and torture. Staying one step ahead of the police, Sledge fights to clear his name. Fast paced, hard hitting and shocking. A novel touching on the subject of the Vatican's reluctance to bring known predator priests to justice.



Steele's Dien Bien Phu.
While fighting as a Knight Templar in the Holy Land, Steele discovers the Ark of the Covenant. Unwittingly he is cursed to an eternity of military servitude. Centuries later Steele is fighting in the French Foreign Legion at the battle of Dien Bien Phu. Amidst the horrors of war, he comes face to face with his nemesis Jean, a fanatical monk.

Parachuting into Dien Bien Phu on the eve of Operation Castor, Steele and his small unit of Pathfinders come under heavy Viet Minh attack. From the first days of the French Army's attempt to draw the Viet Minh out into the open and crush them until the last desperate hours facing human wave enemy attacks Steele and the men of the Foreign Legion's Parachute Battalion fight against desperate odds.

Can Steele get his men out of the slowly tightening noose? Is there a traitor in their ranks?

Steele keeps the Ark’s location secret to prevent the Brotherhood from using its powers for evil purposes. Jean and the Brotherhood will stop at nothing to achieve their aim of world domination even if it means siding with the Viets in order to capture Steele and force him to divulge where the Ark's is hidden.

Based on historical fact Steele's Dien Bien Phu follows the timeline of the great battle.

Steele's Verdun


Sergeant Steele is thrust into the carnage of World War One with the French Foreign Legion. Shipped from their desert outposts in North Africa to the mud and blood of Europe's trenches the seasoned veterans fight a desperate battle at Verdun. Based on the Legion's incredible advance through heavily defended German positions fact and fiction are intertwined.

Steele must face the enemy and the Brotherhood in an attempt to rescue a young woman taken prisoner by his nemesis, Jean, who this time sides with the Imperial German Army. Jean mentors an Austrian Corporal with a small moustache, and nationalistic views. Jean promises the German Corporal unlimited power if he joins the Brotherhood, Jean's thirst for blood and his obsession with continual war know no limits.

Described in great detail, the reader will get a good idea of what life in the trenches was like for the average soldier.

Steele's Death March.

Sergeant Steele watched with growing unease from the ramparts of the Citadel in Lang Son at the number of Japanese troops patrolling the narrow streets. Heavy artillery pieces pointed in the direction of the small French Foreign Legion unit.

Under command of the French Vichy government an uneasy truce between the French in Indochina and Japanese forces was about to erupt into all out war.

Based on actual historical fact and first hand accounts by survivors, this novel describes the brutal Japanese Coup and the extraordinary feats of courage by the Legionnaires fighting every step of the long journey to safety. Sergeant Steele must not only contend with the Japanese but also his nemesis, Jean. Their eternal feud carries on with Jean leading a Japanese unit set on annihilating Steele and his men.

Steele looks at the men under his command. "How many of them will make it to China?" Setting off into the night the sounds of gunfire erupt further up ahead. It is going to be one hell of a march!

French Foreign Legion Adventures.

Caught between the lines a Legionnaire is captured by the “Wild Men of No-Man’s Land”, deserters from both sides living in the hell of mud and blood during W.W.1. On the deadly R.C 4. in Indochina a Legionnaire fights to the bitter end against the Viet Minh. A Medic fights for survival at the bloody battle of Dien Bien Phu.


In the desert heat Legionnaires battle marauding Berber tribesmen. In the Western desert during W.W.2. Legionnaires struggle against innumerable odds to halt the Axis advance. From the Crimea to Kolwezi and Sarajevo I have written about the battles of the Legion, many of the names used are actual Legionnaires I had the honour of serving with.


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